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BEET MADELEINES. the gothic restaurant. belfast, maine. #lovely #plantbasedcuisine
Roasted & Shaved Brussels Sprouts | Lemon Emulsion | Dill 
New Spring Menu at The Gothic Restaurant. Belfast, Maine.
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SHINE ON. Seared Polenta | Shaved Apple | Fennel Petals | Balsamic #thegothicrestaurant 
ALMOND BUTTERCUP. tempered chocolate bon bons from hanna. matthew kenney online. #mkonline #studentwork
How to Make a Beautiful Radicchio and Endive Salad

CAULIFLOWER. pickled asparagus. walnut. harissa. tina’s take on one of our #makemenu dishes. matthew kenney online. 
PUMPKIN SPICE. warming inspiration for those in spring cleanse mode. nut milk. carrot. cinnamon. nutmeg. ginger. #rawfood #cleanse #smoothie #health
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photo from #mkonline student, sharon. fundamentals of raw cuisine.
BLUEBERRY SHERBET. recipe share. a quick sweet treat.
This would also make a great smoothie with a bit more liquid. Looking at the recipe from that perspective may help in understanding the concept behind making frozen desserts.
2 cups blueberries, fresh or frozen 1 1⁄4 cups nut milk3⁄4 cup cashews1⁄2 cup agave (or sweetener of choice)2 tablespoons vanilla extract 1 teaspoon hazelnut extract 1⁄2 cup coconut butterPinch saltBlend all ingredients in a high-powered blender until smooth.

Run through an ice cream maker according to manufacturer’s directions.SERVES 4–6
Feel free to be creative and sub seasonal fruits. The most important thing to gather from a recipe is inspiration.
Recipe from our book EVERYDAY RAW EXPRESS. Photo by Adrian Mueller.
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BOTTOMS UP to EARTH DAY. Celebrate by eating sustainable plant foods that are seasonal and local if possible. #craftingthefutureoffood is about honoring what grows from the earth. photo from our book #everydayrawdetox photography by #adrianmueller
Give sweet treats but sans the refined sugars, artificial colors and flavors. An assortment of macaroons from our book EVERYDAY RAW DESSERTS.
Photo by Adrian Mueller.
MUSHROOM PÂTÉ. depth of flavor and rich textures can be achieved in a #plantbased kitchen. we do this every single day. #makemenu innovation #craftingthefutureoffood.
IT’S AN ART FORM. crafting the future of food at M.A.K.E.
RATATOUILLE TARTARE.courgette. cherry tomato. aubergine. herb flatbread. beautiful main course from neil’s final presentation menu. matthew kenney online, student finals. #mkonline #rawfood #studentwork