WATERMELON ART. student take on our compressed salad. mango yolk. sesame ink. scenes from our #mainesummer #mkculinary program.
Photo from graduate, Neel @vegan_chef_neel 
COCONUT BACON. raw food staples. scenes from our plantlab graduation dinner. belfast, maine. #veganfoodshare #celebration
MK TEAM. DAVID “Forest” ARAGON. part of our amazing instruction team (and MK Alumni!) at #mkculinary #mainesummer. 

"The evolution of raw tree nut cheese is certainly a high point of my experience with plant-based cuisine. We have a cheese tasting in our Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine course—the third Friday of every month. I never forget that day! These are just incredible, deep flavored, and loved by all." -Matthew Kenney, Plant Food
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Our Director of Culinary Operations, Scott Winegard, recently sat down with raven + crow studio after creating an amazing dinner for them andMooshoes brand manager at Matthew Kenney Santa Monica. Read all about it and check these great photos from their visit. 

SQUASH LEAF DOLMAS. parsley tabbouleh. hummus. sundried olives. beautiful and inspiring work from our plantlab/maine summer session. #mkculinary #craftingthefutureoffood
ICE CREAM POPS. berries. chocolate. anti-griddle play. #rawfood #advancedtechniques #mkculinary #plantlab
Photo courtesy of graduate, @vegan_chef_neel 
ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL. our most photographed dish: kimchi dumplings. #makemenu #mkcuisine #classic
Smoked Tomato Carpaccio. Herbs. Olive Oil Butter. Beautiful work from Neel, #mkculinary #mainesummer graduate. 
RAMEN. our way. kelp noodles. chickpea miso. shiitake. kimchi. nori. sprouts. #makemenu #makerestaurant #rawfood
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INSTRUCTOR FAVORITES. carrot ravioli. mint pesto. tomato basil fondue. macadamia chévre. #mkculinary advanced raw cuisine. 
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photo by #level2 recent grad, claudia. 
"As a company, our soul mission is to bridge the gap between culinary art and ultimate nutrition. Everything we do is a step towards this goal. As a result, we apply our energies first and foremost into education. In our culinary schools in Santa Monica, Maine, and Online, we have trained hundreds of students from over 40 countries to prepare raw foods in a contemporary, artistic manner that embraces the latest techniques, the best ingredients, and utilizes a structured approach, much like classical French cuisine." -Matthew Kenney, Plant Food
RAW PANCAKES. stone fruit. berries. current student manolo with his plate. #mkculinary #rawbreakfast #art
GET INSPIRED. after a little practice in the kitchen, we challenge our online students to create something new with the ingredients they have on hand—under the clock. current #mkonline student, belinda, whipped up this lovely pear & walnut salad, with lemon coconut yoghurt and raspberry vinaigrette. #producechallenge #level1 #salads #rawfood