KEFIR + HERB BOUQUETS. ginger. lemongrass. #mkculinary student presentations. #craftingthefutureoffood
MISE EN PLACE. manolo’s tea inspired menu. student presentations. fundamentals of raw cuisine, level one.
It’s NATIONAL THANK YOU DAY :)) september 15th. thank you to ALL of our graduates and students. we love crafting the future of food with you. #mkculinary #mkalumni #thankyou #craftingthefutureoffood
RAW CHOCOLATE, CHEESES, and DESSERTS. two-day special weekend intensive, saturday and sunday, september 20-21st at matthew kenney culinary, santa monica place.
10-4pm, $600
contact to reserve your place!
SCHIZANDRA LEMONADE. locally harvested berries. plantlab. belfast, maine. #mkculinary #local #mainelife
TIRAMISU TRUFFLES. ingrid’s final project for our july/august session of maine summer at plantlab. #mkculinary #craftingthefutureoffood 

257/365: Day 4, Advanced Raw Cuisine. Green curry kelp noodles.  #mkonline #mkculinary
TEST KITCHEN. raw experimentation. sarah’s final project: plant-based chicken nuggets. maine summer july/august session 2014. #plantlab #rawfood #vegan#studentwork
FRESH FLOWERS at chase’s daily. one of our favorite stops in belfast, maine. plantlab september session begins tomorrow!
#mainesummer #plantlab #mkculinary #mkadmissions
contact admissions@matthewkenneycuisine for our 2015 course offerings.
SUNDAY BRUNCH in santa monica. join us here!
make reservations for M.A.K.E. at 
SHUTTER SPEED. lessons in food photography. matthew kenney online. beautiful shot and subject choice from current #plantbased #foodphotography student, amanda rae.
FRUIT KVASS. student work from our culinary nutrition program. matthew kenney online. 
This is a simple, versatile take on a Russian Beet Kvass, or a Honey Mead fermented from the carbohydrates in honey and fruit. The resulting beverage will be crisp, fresh, effervescent, and have a flavor reminiscent of apple cider vinegar. Seasonal, healthy sodas can be made in this method, changing the fruits, herbs, and aromatics, according to the seasons.  #culinarynutrition #mkonline for more info.
FALL VIBES. we are feeling it! pumpkin spice smoothie from adam. fundamentals of raw cuisine, september session. #mkonline #mkculinary